The Automation Toolkit

Hey Sis,
Imagine having your business set in way that it stays running, delivering and delighting your clients, and motivating new leads to take action all day long?
You know what… With the best automation toolkit, THIS is possible. 
This is the reason behind my love for automation and why it’s a valuable topic to know about… 
In my membership The Activation Inner Circle, I recently trained my gals on automation.
I did this so that the women in our community could really have their business run while they sleep.
The ladies where hooked on the training…
They found the value and power behind it like I did… with the right automation in place, their businesses can now run 365 days a year generating sales all day long.
Imagine the old way of doing business… when everything was done manually..
Where the only way to make money was to invest a lot of your precious time. 
Overtime I’ve outgrown serving clients 1 to 1 and started growing my business to serve 1 to many. I began learning the power of automation and implementing it into my business.
And then came online courses!!
I realized that I needed to take my years of digital business knowledge out of my head and put it into a gorgeous online courses that would constantly generate profits and give me back time
Automation is the key that took my business from a place of being stuck, spending so much time serving clients one by one…
Listen, if you have not automated your business yet, I personally know that it can position you to grow a profitable, sustainable, labor -free business as well. 
Now I’m going to get real with you right quick…
The initial set up will take up a lot of time and some mastery, BUT you will be so beyond grateful when your business is running for you… and not the other way around. 
Here’s the good news…
NOW is the best time to automate your business, even if you absolutely hate tech.  
When I first started automating in 2016, it was awesome… but it used to be really confusing and too techy to set up and manage…
Not too mention how costly it was!!
It wasn’t really designed for start up businesses or solopreneurs back then… the process of automating your business was designed for larger companies with huge marketing budgets back in the day. 
The automation tools that you can access today are so much more friendlier, quicker, and more affordable… and believe me, if I can implement automation…
YOU can too!!!! 
The interesting thing is that there are still very few female entrepreneurs jumping on the automation train…
This means that you will be one of the first and you’ll be cutting edge when you do it. 
If its not already, being fully automated will be like having an ant hill of silent little ants working behind the scenes non-stop, delivering and delighting all your potential clients, exactly the way you would run things.
This can also minimize the staff you need for your business and how many hours they need to work.
Yes, it can be overwhelming when it comes to selecting the right automation tools… because it’s a flooded market and there are so many options to choose from…
And many of those tools do similar things… and yet they’re all so different at the same time
If you’ve chosen the wrong tool in the past, you will know how annoying it is to fix things by trying to glue it all back together… 
And of course let’s not even talk about the ripple effect it can have on your bottom line. 
So you may be asking yourself, what is an automation toolkit?
I want to take you through my list of my favorite automation tools for my business products, marketing, and sales tools. 
Through the years I’ve tried and tested loads of them – from Active Campaign, Kajabi, Leadpages, Click Funnels, Paypal and Stripe..
When I’m trying out a new system, I run it through a certain criteria. 
First of all, it’s has to be very user friendly.
t’s gotta have customer support that’s fast and attentive.
The automation tools I choose for my business must be affordable and contract-free.
The goal is to spending minimal and switch the tool if I need to…
And it has to be a tool that is constantly developing and fluid with the changing of the market.
I always pick world-class systems with a team that’s constantly developing it… rather than a one-off build by a single developer (that’s a no-no from me). 
With these automation tools I was able to get more done in 3 months than I had in years!!!
It’s a real pleasure to take the guesswork off your plate and present you with my favorite tools..… so you can jump straight to seeing what worked for a gal like me a.k.a someone who has done it 🙂
My Favorite Automation Tools
1. Facebook Creator Studio for social media scheduling 
To get social media going on a consistent schedule, you can batch your posts.
This way you dedicate a set day then you are done for the week or however long you schedule for.
Even though I get into the tools I also have an instagram expert on my team that does a lot of my content…
She uses a scheduling tool that get’s posts organized a week ahead of time…
There are lot’s of scheduling tools out there but we love Facebook Creator Studio… because again, it is very user friendly and lets you see your analytics to refine your content when needed…
And the thing I love most is that it’s totally free. Plus you can post to Instagram and Facebook simultaneously.    
2. Constant Contact for email marketing to nurture and onboard prospects and clients.
Your email list is gold in your business… 
The average reach of a Facebook post is minimal, compared to 90% more people you can reach if your email is opened.
Constant Contact is one I enjoy using because it is very user friendly and has a good price point. You can also create forms and landing pages as well.
Constant Contact is great because it really helps you streamline your communication and keeps you connected with a superb automation system that’s already embedded into the software.
3. Landing Page Builder with Wix
A landing page is a place where prospective clients land to enter their email address in exchange for knowledge that you have. You would normally be offering them a free gift in exchange for their email.
Wix is a power house. I love to build out my landing pages here and my contacts can all be kept in one place and zapped over to my email marketing platform, Constant Contact.
4. Stripe for payment processing
We love using Stripe to receive payments over the internet from anywhere in the world…
Using it means that if a customer wants to purchase anything, you’re set up to automatically take their credit card details and process their payment
As I mentioned we connect Stripe to Wix to process payments for our online courses and our membership program.
Stripe manages the whole payment process from start to finish… meaning that your customer service is getting love and attention too.
The most beautiful feature is that recurring payments can be automated so both you and the customer do not have to do anything, the system charges automatically.
This is the toolkit I was so excited to share with you. In order to live in your dream life starting building it today. Begin right Now!! You will get to the place were you can decide to take a vacation next week and not have to worry about your business being affected.
Mark this moment and begin working all the pieces you need to put together, step by step. It will all be worth it in the end!

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