The Beauty in the Process

The universe has been shaken up in a matter of days. For some, it can be hard to adjust to the disruption in the process. If we learn to appreciate the entire process, we will see that each moment has significant value. This article will discuss my own experience of learning to see the value in every moment and how you can apply in your own situation.

At one point in life, the daydream of the destination became a place of comfort for me. The visions were so vivid for me. The phones ringing in demand of my services. The house that I will be dwelling in and the family that will be surrounding me. 

I was so enamored with the end result until I realized I had overlooked the beauty in the most intricate part. The journey.

It’s not always as glamorous. Who really wants to indulge in thoughts about the struggles that are endured in the process?

In retrospect, we really are battling a duality in life. Will we be paralyzed by the fantasy of life or will we grow to appreciate the realities of life?

Can we learn how to find purpose the days we step ahead as well as the days we may be set back?

It took me asking these questions to myself for me to realize that a major cause of stagnation in my life was my fixation on the future. I was so married to what could happen tomorrow that I was completely disengaged with what is happening now.

I can place an old picture of a ripped version of myself on the refrigerator all day and admire it. If my execution didn’t match my expectation, I would continue to be stuck in my situation.

How beautiful is losing those 5 pounds that you worked overtime to get off? How amazing does it feel to get two new paying clients who may have been hesitant about your services?

The small wins in life are just as if not more valuable than the major wins. Why?

The small wins sustain you. The small wins will bring awareness to your strengths. Most of all, the small wins will help you gain clarity on what the major win should look like.

Your roster of clients may not be plentiful yet. Your scale may not reflect the weight you would like at the moment. Your audience may not contain the quantity of attendance you desire yet.

Where you are in the moment is just as applaudable. Over these next few weeks, we will emphasize the process.

I will leave you with this affirmation from my book, Destined for Greatness.

“I will appreciate every step in the journey.”

What is it about your current state in your journey that you appreciate most?

Is there an area that you could appreciate more if you reframe your perspective on the situation?

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