The blessing in goodbye

There is a positive side to every difficult situation. Sometimes we don’t realize the good that comes from the hard times. But, if we look close enough there is a blessing in goodbye.

The blessing in goodbye


What do you think of when you hear the word blessing? Most people would say buying a new car, new home, job promotion. Yes, all of these things are blessings but, blessings don’t just stop at material things. Many people don’t realize that a blessing comes in multiple forms. If someone where to say, when I ended a relationship, that was a true blessing! Most people would call them crazy. Well, I have 3 tips to explain why they are not crazy and definitely blessed by saying goodbye! 


•Many people think that a blessing is just material things. This is not true! A blessing can be the simplest things like peace, joy, love.


•Contrary to popular belief blessings and goodbye go together.


•It might take time to see the blessing. But,        it’s there! It might be weeks, months or years before you see the blessing. But, just know there is a blessing in every goodbye! 


So my friend, if you had to say goodbye or experienced a goodbye situation just know one day you’ll be blessed by it. 





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