Ending the Rewind – Replay Cycle

Love yourself more, stop punishing yourself for the past.

When terrible things happen to us one of the worst things that we can do to ourselves is to constantly think about the situation by hitting the rewind-replay button in our minds. While many of life’s scars will remain with us in our memories or in some cases, physically – we must work hard to stop our mind from reliving them over and over again. We must begin to love ourselves more by stopping this cycle and seeking and/ or creating closure. 

Closure allows us to end an event or life situation on a real and emotional level. By doing this we can put an end to thinking about what has taken place therefore stopping the rewind-replay scenario. By continuing to rewind and replay something that has impacted us emotionally – stops us from healing and achieving whole-being wellness. This process is counter-productive in the sense of time. The time spent reliving your pain, anguish, anger, or frustration – can be easily compared to putting your money in a blender with water and hitting the on switch. Once it’s gone, you can’t get it back. We must spend our time in a more productive and up-building manner. Develop a process, or best practice to help you gain control of your thoughts. Perhaps reading aloud, singing your favorite song, or watching that knee slapping comedy. By stopping the process, you will then be able to move past this moment and in time put the past exactly where it belongs – in the PAST.

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