The DEVIL is a LIE

 I received a message for you…..

I want you to know that, “Your growth is not only for you and it’s not only about you. Your growth can also help the people around you.” Let’s get in to the details….

Growing up, I wasn’t around my brother much but when I was, we had an amazing relationship. Out of all my brothers, him and I were the closest. He wasn’t only my brother but he was like my father and my best friend. We had a falling out and didn’t speak for about 10 years but now we’re rebuilding our relationship.

When I first started talking to my him, he was so ruff, from the way he spoke and his mindset, his whole being was overly aggressive. I had reached out to him and I had to be as vulnerable as possible with no expectations. That helped me in so many ways, it helped me to have the courage and confidence to communicate and be vulnerable with people. If I could talk to him, then I could talk to anyone. At that time in my life I would just shut down and not say any anything. It also helped me to learn how to forgive, be open and move forward. I usually cut people off and never look back. If I did give people another chance, 9 times out of 10 they messed up again. With him I just accepted him for who he was and learned how to work with him. I put him in a position where he felt that he could tear down his wall, open up and calm down. Then I introduced him to my daughters, that was a journey because his never been around little girls. So, he had to learn and accept them and vice versa. Now, they love him like they knew him their whole life, they go to see him once a month, they talk to him on the phone and the list goes on. For him, he realized that he had to calm down more, change his ways and his mindset, so he did….When I see them together, it warms my heart. You can see the unconditional love and bond that he needed.

Fast forward to today, we are closer than ever. Yesterday, he over reacted about a conversation we had, I listened and then calmly expressed how I felt. This morning he sent me message apologizing and he was vulnerable about a number of things. It made my heart smile because I know that it can be hard for a man to do such things. Through my growth, honesty, vulnerability, acceptance and consistency I grew and healed which brought change and healing to my brother. For my children, it brought understanding, acceptance, compassion and eliminated fear of people and their ways.

For women, this is also an example of using your femininity. In the beginning, if I wouldn’t have been open and vulnerable, I would have been stagnant in my growth and I wouldn’t have been able to make changes in others. Yesterday, if I would’ve matched his aggression, our conversation would have taken a turn for the worse. So yes, your growth and change are for you but keep in mind that you are an influence to others.

Men there is a message in there for you too…..I want you to know that it’s okay for you to be yourself, someone will love you and accept you. Issues come when you don’t take accountability, when you don’t see the error of your ways, when you don’t learn from your mess and make changes. I want you to know, it’s okay to take risks and be vulnerable. A grown woman will appreciate it.

Your growth is everyone’s growth around you. That fear of growth, change, vulnerability, ect is the DEVIL and it’s a LIE. Take that chance, your growth isn’t only about you, it will affect generations after you.

Don’t get me wrong this doesn’t apply to everyone and every situation because I’ve done this with many people. However, it helped one other person, so it was so worth it. You never know who you will influence so you have to take that chance.

I hope you received my message and the lesson. I hope you have a good day.


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