The Difference Between Branding and Marketing

During an Author Coaching call with a client recently, she asked a GREAT question that I felt like sharing. She’s in the process of writing her book and is already thinking ahead about branding. Then, the question, “What’s the difference between branding and marketing?” was asked.

I can see how those two words can appear to mean the same thing. While I was in undergrad pursuing my degree in Business Administration, I wondered the same thing too. Branding is how people view you or what they say about you when you’re not in the room. Think about Gain laundry detergent. It’s a brand of laundry soap that smells amazing, reasonably priced, and colorful. 

Marketing is defined as the action or business of promoting and selling products or services. For instance, Gain uses commercials, advertisements, and sell their products in retail stores for marketing purposes. 

To recap, branding is how other people view you and your products/services. Marketing is the specific action(s) you take to spread the word about your products/services. 

I hope this makes sense for you. 🙂


Jerra Latrice

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