“The Difference Between Most People and The Wealthy Is Applied Knowledge”

I'm a passionate licensed professional! A life coach advocate that is very ambitious about empowering individuals on the importance of properly building a solid Financial Foundation! My own life experiences, the lack of knowledge on properly planning have equipped me to be instrumental in others lives. We will not be prepared, if we don't learn how to or start implementing protection for many of life's unforeseeable circumstances. I was very fortunate to embark on this journey for myself! I have a love for people, which is why, I wanted to assist families in avoiding some of the pitfalls I've experienced! We've all heard the saying.. "it's better to be safe than sorry" but, many of us take this awareness for granted. It is my utmost passion and concern to be the bell ringer. An advocate to share tools that we may all design a better tomorrow!

Have you ever heard of the Wealth Formula? It’s basically a recipe to build Wealth!

Have you ever heard of the X-Curve Concept? This curve is operating in our lives, whether we understand it or not.

Do you know what the Rule Of 72 is? Some say.. it’s the 8th wonder of the World!

So I ask.. what would you do if you knew exactly how to win?!

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