The Disrespect and Abuse of SELF

One often thinks of abuse in terms of something negative inflicted on another.  However, abuse can also be towards oneself and very often it is unconscious in nature so ingrained that we often do not realize we are doing it to ourselves.

One can abuse and/or disrespect oneself when one insults, degrades, puts down, torments or self depreciates themselves.

Abuse of yourself is when you determine yourself to be not good enough, not worthy enough, not seeing or feeling you are deserving of your own divine goodness, or calling your self ugly, stupid, dumb etc.

The next time you start thinking negative towards yourself please take a pause, take a deep breathe and forgive yourself.

Tell yourself you are so much more than the situations or people who “trick” you into abusing or disrespecting yourself in some of the examples above.

You are worthy. Allow you to love and respect yourself. Forgive yourself. And so it is.


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