The Dream Within Us

Dream Within Us is a quick reminder that the dream is already in us.We must achieve chasing the dream to live out our purpose

You ever heard the song ‘I GIVE MYSELF AWAY’ by William Mcdowell? This song speaks to us on a spiritual level. Giving ourselves away to follow God’s will for our life is the most submissive and purposeful thing we can do for our life and the lives of others.

Most times If we just submit and chase after our dreams we will evolve as we search within ourselves. YES we may fall off track, we may get discouraged..but we must never give up.The hard times are the most crucial times.It shows us if we have perseverance to continue to live out a purpose driven life. Seasons of separating from things and people that no longer serve us can place great confusion on our hearts, but I am here to help you see it through..DONT THROW IN THE TOWEL.KEEP PUSHING and if you need motivation then I’m your girl..WE GOT THIS

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