The Eye Of The Storm

As a native of Southeast Texas, I’m aware of the damage that a tropical storm or hurricane can cause. Every year, millions of people from Texas to other states bordering the coast have to prepare for storms that have the potential of causing major damage.

These storms range from tropical depressions, which are similar to thunderstorms, to category 5 hurricanes which can produce winds exceeding 156 miles per hour. In addition to the wind and torrential downpour, these storms cause major flooding that can literally wipe out an entire town.

Such as what I’ve described above, we also have storms that rage throughout our lives. These storms can be small, such as a tropical depression or extremely large, such as a category 5 hurricane. Unlike having the option to evacuate before a hurricane makes landfall, there is no way that we can run from the storms in our lives. In life, we often try to run and hide, yet the rainfall and damaging winds seem to always catch up with us.

Despite the effects of life’s damaging winds and rains, there comes a point in the storm where the wind stops blowing and it gets extremely quiet and still. This is called THE EYE OF THE STORM. In the eye of the storm, we find peace and comfort despite the chaos going on around us. Although we know that sooner or later, the winds and downpour will become stronger, we find comfort knowing that eventually the storm will be over.

I encourage all of you to find peace in whatever storm you’re facing at this very moment. Trust and believe that no matter the category of your storm, it will eventually pass.

Reflection: What storm are you facing at the moment and what could you do to gain a sense of peace and tranquility?

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