The first and most important step for change is shifting your mindset!

For over twenty years I have been a fan of self development and the idea that you can design your life. However, it was until last year that real changes were made. 

Whenever anyone said that I had to change the way I think about my “situation” or achieving a goal I would ignore it or turn up my nose. It wasn’t fast enough. It wasn’t tangible. It wasn’t fun. 

My stubbornness led me to a cycle of frustration and despair, and starting over and over again. Sometimes I would get ahead, but then backslide later. 

The epiphany happened when I asked a financial advisor where I should begin on the online courses that were offered. Ironically, the first step was “Change your Mindset.” I skipped it on purpose previous to asking. So I took my time on the subject. It was my aha moment, and the best part was that it was free. 

After that, I was able to overcome certain walls and obstacles when it came to my goals because I shifted my mindset.

  • I had to think abundantly and not clutch my purse strings with an iron grip.
  • I had to seek opportunities and know that they are out there for me instead of staying stuck and miserable.
  • I had to watch the way I spoke to myself everyday and all day.
  • I had to push myself and stay consistent during workouts, and so forth. 

Change starts with the mind!


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