The Fragility of Life

Birth. Life. Death.
On and on it goes like a loop. The spiral of life on this planet.

With so much currently going on around the world a lot of people are coming to terms with their mortality and questioning the meaning of their lives.

What we must remember that we can leave and transition from this life in a second.  Here in this moment and gone in the next.

Live your life as fully and as joyfully as you can in any circumstance.  It can be something as simple as enjoying your cup of tea or coffee at home or out in a café (post pandemic of course😊.

It could be taking road trips, treating yourself to weekly massages, etc.  Any thing that puts you in moments of bliss.

Make the most of your life and life for you, so that you are not wondering and regretting in those split seconds before your transition about the things you did not get to experience, or the people you did not get to spend meaningful time with.

Live life fully.  Experience it fully.  Revel in it fully. 


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