The Grass Isn’t Greener On The Other Side

The grass isn’t greener on the other side. The grass on the other side needs to be watered, mowed, and cared for also. Do you think you can just get out of one car, hop into another, and feel happy and content just because you changed cars. No. You will still need to maintain and take that car in for an oil change.  Do you think I am giving you advice about your lawn and car? Do you think I am the lawn and car expert? I’m not. I’m writing about your relationships and here to simply say. If you are in a relationship please honor your relationship. So you say Coach Tee. We have issues. I understand. My response to you is. Why do you have to throw away your relationship because there are issues? I will say this. If you are not ready to be in a relationship. Please don’t seek someone to be with. But if you want to be in a relationship please honor your relationship.  Oh. I know you are saying I am tired of this relationship. He is getting on my nerve. She is getting on my nerve. I want to trade this old model in for a new model. I will be so much happier with someone new. Will you be happy? What will you do when that new model is getting on your nerve? What will you do when the wheels fall off? Are you going to get into a trade this old model in for a new model cycle?

Let’s explore.  You are in a relationship. The communication is horrible. You got one finger pointing at your spouse and 3 pointing back at you. Have you really taken a serious look at yourself? Have you taken time to listen to your spouse’s heart? Have you scanned your heart? Are you looking at others?  Are you trying to develop a relationship with someone else and hoping they will mend your broken heart?

Well let’s say you break up because the communication is horrible and you are tired of working on your relationship. You go to the other grass or get into the other car. The communication is fabulous with the new person. But that person drinks a lot of alcohol. They are more than a social drinker. You didn’t know they drank excessively. You are now depressed. You are missing your previous relationship. You begin to think. Well if I tweak how I process information and ask my spouse to listen to my feelings without judgement we might be a better couple.  Now you want to call your ex back. Now you want out of your new relationship.  Smh. You thought the grass was greener. You thought if you jumped from one car to the other life would be better. The Grass is not Greener. Leaving your car for a new car will not necessarily help you to feel better. There are definitely times when you have done all you can do and the relationship doesn’t work. I understand. But if you have someone who is willing to work on your relationship they love you. So give your relationship all of your energy and time.  Be fully committed to have a heathier relationship.  Get a counselor or Life Coach to help you and your spouse.

Love The One You Are With.

Please Honor Your Relationships.


Coach Tee

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