The Healing Process

One of the reasons why so many women would rather remain in a toxic relationship is because they fear starting over.

Being alone and working on healing scares women. When you end a relationship with someone you were attached to, at first it feels like it is the end of the world. Everything reminds you of the person. Although you are no longer together, it feels like you can’t get rid of him in your thoughts.

You start to wonder if you’ve made the wrong decision to leave.

As time goes by, you think less of the person.  And then just when you think you’re over him, something triggers you and you begin thinking about the person all over again. It may feel like you are not making any progress or would never get over him. But you will, eventually.

The healing process is like a roller coaster ride. You will go through highs and lows. But, don’t let your ex be your next. There is a reason why you left him, so don’t brainwash yourself into thinking that you are better off with him. Although healing can be painful, don’t let the process scare you and make you go back to a toxic situation. 

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