The Heart Work

There are 2 intangible things we always have before us: time and a choice. It’s hard to act on or appreciate these things we can’t physically see but denying or neglecting the existence of these things makes life so much harder. Things in life happen, good things and bad things. People make mistakes and hurt people hurt people. As I think about all the people that surround me, I know that everyone has a story—good stories and bad stories. The experience from those stories influences our way of being and, again, this can influence us for the better or the worse.
There is something about the bad stories though. I find that people tend to dwell in the bad stories but try to radiate light. I can tell you, from my own experience, that is a road to madness. It is the kind of road that always leads you back to square one—where it feels like you’ve been walking around in circles. But in those moments, we still have time and a choice. Unfortunately, I don’t know why we fear running out of time as opposed to anticipating what we can do with the time that we have now. Most often, this fear deceives us into believing that a choice is as simple as taking action. But again, we can take as many steps as possible to end up back at square one. So, it is in our best interest to make the best choice possible within the only placement of our timeline that we can be assured of, which is right now.
The smallest of choices can make significant differences in our lives. Choices can come from a place of strength or a place of desperation. I stated earlier that the experience from our stories will influence our way of being. Confronting our past, the issues that we haven’t let go of, or the people we know in our hearts we haven’t forgiven are really the first steps to making good decisions. If you’ve been hurt by someone, you have a choice to heal. If you’ve been put down by someone, you have a choice to stand up. If you are lost, you have a choice to seek. These choices are not easy choices, because we have to confront our past experiences and reflect on our beliefs to make the best choices for our well-being. So, where are you right now? Your choices, right now, could be purpose-based, relationship-based, healing-based, fitness-based, etc. Whatever choice you are making, make sure you don’t skip steps over the fear of running out of time. When we’re at peace, there isn’t anything that we have to rush to prove something to the world. In the end, us running out of time is out of our control. What you can manage are your choices, from the smallest to the biggest of them. One question that has helped clear things up for me is: Is this decision one that supports me rooting for myself or am I playing against myself? I know it may sound tedious and never-ending, but of all the masterpieces that you invest your time and effort into your soul requires the grandest of investment. Do the heart work.

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