The importance of knowing who you are Part 1

This is Part 1 of my short excerpt about how important it is to know who you are.

When you ask a person who they are, they’re likely to tell you their name followed by what they do to earn a living. But when you correct them and say ‘no that’s what your name is and what you do.” I asked you “Who you are?” You may be met with blank stares, confusion, or even anger became they don’t know what you mean. Hold your tongue and breathe and listen to the question again…” Who are you?” If stripped of all your titles mom, dad, sister, brother, lawyer, MD, housewife, stay-at-home husband, even POTUS, the question remains the same irrespective of your titles…”Who are you?” In the middle of the night when it’s just you in your cozy 2 bed/1 bath apartment or your penthouse with the elevator…” Who are you?”


Every person living and breathing on the face of this Earth is responsible for answering this question and though you may be met with multiple responses. How you go about finding this answer requires very little effort on your part. It only requires you to be still and listen to the Higher Power within you that is always speaking whenever you are willing to invite it in and listen. I’m not talking about the negative voice that is always on repeat reminding you of how and why you can’t do certain things in life. You know that negative Nancy or negative Nathan in us that we have to check and override everyday so that we can continue to operate from our abundant mindsets rather than our scarcity mindsets and limited perceptions of reality.


To find out who you really are requires that you must know and remember that we each have a creator-long before your parents met their parents, long before your mom and dad purchased the Baby’s book of names, and even before the sperm met the egg.


Your creator created you on purpose and with a purpose. You were created in Love to give Love, to receive Love, and to Love. For you are loved by your creator. If it were not so, I would not tell you. Therefore if the creator is Love and he created more Love and I am just like Him then that must mean that we are all Love and anything that doesn’t align with that truth must be False Evidence Appearing Real. 


When you don’t know who you are and you haven’t taken the time to find out that means anyone can come into your life and mistreat you, disrespect you, devalue you and/or call you whatever they choose to and you will literally be whatever identity they ascribe onto you. But, when you are clear about who you are, your morals, your values, and your standards, people will do one of two things:


1) people will elevate to where you are and they will be a vibrational match to your morals, values, and standards



2) people will move out of your life because they are unwilling to elevate with you



Either way, you have to be ok with letting people go because if not and you allow the low vibratory state of fear to set in, you will inevitably feel and experience a downward spiral of negative emotions. Anything raging from fear to frustration, to mistrust, to guilt, shame, even resentment. None of which are uplifting and make you feel good. That’s why it’s so important to know who you are period and let who you are be consistent in every aspect of your life. Know who you are in relationships (family, friends, work place), know who you are in your dating capacity and know who you are within the covenant of a marriage. Let your ‘no’ be no and your ‘yes’ be yes- and don’t compromise who you are to accommodate and tolerate someone else’s bad behavior and choices. 


One thing I learned about the importance of knowing who I am, is to be consistent and to let my intuition, my morals and values, and how I feel moment by moment to be my guide in making decisions in every area of my life. In doing this, it makes my life so much simpler, clearer, and overall much more fulfilling and satisfying. I’m not people pleasing in an unconscious and desperate attempt to get people to like or notice me. I’m simply saying this is me and this is the level I am vibrating at in life. Any anyone who desires to be a part of my life has to elevate and meet me where I am. If a person decides that my standards, my morals, and my values are too high or too much for them then that’s ok- that’s their issue, not mine. Good bye and may God bless you because you’re obviously not attached to my destiny.  


Now be careful because once you announce this to people expect some backlash. Expect the negative comments, the condescending eye rolling, withholding of affection, projecting their feelings onto you, even some emotional manipulation due to their feeling abandoned but you have to trust that they will be mature enough to handle whatever it is you have to tell them.

Be aware to protect yourself because those are all desperate attempts to get you to go against your personal belief system and succumb to their lower vibratory state of being. NO, NO, NO. Do not allow their fearful states of being to cause you to forget who you are and to compromise your standards.


Stick to your morals, values, and standards and if you don’t have any set aside some time to clearly define and articulate them. Pay attention to how you feel and trust your intuition and let those things guide your every decision in life and you will begin to see your life flourish in every area-physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I love you and as always Do Your Work!

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