The importance of knowing who You are Part 2

This is Part 2 of the continuation to the importance of knowing who You are. It describes some of the attributes and ways of being that one exemplifies once they have come into the realization of who they really are.

When You know who You are

When you know who you are there is a certain level of awareness, confidence, and boldness that comes with it. When you know who you are you will not allow yourself to be in the midst of company that makes you feel bad about the internal You to whom you have awakened yourself to. 

When you know who you are there are certain environments that you will experience increased and high sensitivity to. This may involve not being able to go out with the same friends you used to go out with or not being able to share space with the same family members. This may even mean you declining an R.S.V.P. to a family reunion for a season because you know that although you may be amongst family sometimes, family doesn’t even have your best interest at heart.

When you know who you are, people tend to treat you differently because your energy is different. When you know who you are, you are discerning to anyone and everyone who comes within your energy bubble. When you know who you are, you are sensitive to the way you feel as well as how others feel.

When you know who you are, there are certain behaviors, characteristics, and attributes about yourself that you consistently demonstrate and embody. When you know who you are, there are certain behaviors, characteristics, and attributes about yourself that you do NOT demonstrate and embody.

When you know who you are, there are certain behaviors, characteristics, and attributes about others that you do NOT tolerate, accommodate, or accept. Bad behavior is simply unacceptable! Be mature, and authentic. Come correct or don’t come at all! 

Because when you really know who you are, the real authentic You that your Creator intended you to be, you begin to see and know that you have a certain level of greatness within you. You begin to see life differently than you have been. Your energy changes, your words change, the way you move and have your being in the world changes, even the way you walk changes. The things and people that used to upset you are no longer an issue because once you understand where people are vibrating in life, you understand why they are experiencing the things they’re experiencing.

When you begin to step into the Real You, your entire world changes and so do the people closest to you. When you step into the most authentic version of yourself, you begin to see who is for you and who is against you. It becomes clear who your enemies are as well as who your friends are. When you know who you are, you even begin to see the different categories of friends:

            1) those who are with you for the cause, the movement, the subject you represent but not for who you really are

            2) those who are with you for your celebrity, your fame, your name’s sake and what that means for them; they only want to use you for what they can gain

            3)Pretenders- those who pretend to be your friend but, they’re really not. Be particularly careful with these people. They tend to be people who “knew you when” and will often project their jealously and insecurity onto you by saying things like “I knew you when you wasn’t nothing” or “You just changed yesterday, why are you acting brand new today?” This special group of people tend to unconsciously hold their personal view of you according to whatever low state they “knew you when.” Other than their own insecurities and jealousies they are also projecting out onto you a certain level of immaturity that says “How dare you grow up and change and mature. I did not grow up and mature. I stayed the same so will you please come back down off your growth and maturity ladder because it’s making me look bad to stay where I am.” Watch out for these people.

            4) Undercovers- This category of individuals immediately recognizes your greatness but rather than support and uplift you, they may remain hidden and do little immature things to try to knock you down to their level. They may be the friends, or dating partners or spouses of those close to you. So while they may not have direct access to you they may know who does and can manipulate others to do their evil deeds to you. For these and all categories of friends I say go heal yourself. Stop wasting time being bitter, upset, and jealous of another human being and do the work that is necessary for you to have the things you desire out of life and live the life you have been dreaming of. Stop blaming others for your what is going on in your life.

            God has gifted all of us with our individual talents and abilities, every one of us. There is no one on the face of this Earth that is without a special and unique gift that only they can bring into the world. Find out what your gifts are and stop hating on another human being. There is greatness within you too and as always Do You Work!

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