The Importance of Self Love.

Do you really know what it means to love yourself? Is it easier for you to do for others than it is to take care of you? I know the feeling. This comes easier to some more than others, however, this is not something that is usually taught. You may find yourself having trouble in relationships, friendships, school, work or any area in life. This can occur at times due to lack of self love, boundaries and confidence. If I would have known this in grade school, middle school and high school, things would have definitely turned out differently. 
Fast forward to today, I have learned alot about self love and have realized that it is so important. Just know it’s never too late to learn self-love. You may ask, how do I demonstrate self love? You can start with positive daily affirmations such as, I am worthy of love and respect. I can do anything I set my mind to. Setting boundaries is also a great place to start. Sometimes we avoid setting boundaries to keep the peace, to please others and to appear to be the nice person.
 Remember, the right people will respect your boundaries because they also have boundaries. The delivery can come from a loving place and does not need to come from an angry place to be effective. Lastly, take yourself places you enjoy or are curious about. You don’t have to wait to have someone to go with, you can make your outings fun and exciting. Take risk, meet new people and believe in yourself. The more you practice self love, the more confidence you will have and a better quality of life you will live. 

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