What will we learn? If we learn anything at all! Your test they will come. There will be no pass or fail. What it will do is build character.

Don’t be afraid to go deep down inside your soul.  Now I’m not just talking.  I’ve followed these types of meditations and practices and prayers for myself.  Because I knew my life was important enough for someone like my parents to consistently pray for me.  If only you could have heard their voices the way I did.  Sometimes I didn’t want to hear it!  It was like a mantra.  So believe me while I share my stories with you.  I would suggest you face yourselves in truth.  Freedom from the imprisonment of stuff on your mind.  Your stuff on lock down eating away at you!  It really ain’t as deep as it may sound.  It’s only deep because we haven’t really wanted to be confronted by our own stuff.  So we will live a lie instead of standing in our own truth.  Cause the lie is easy.  Oops!  Until you get caught up.  None of us are perfect.  That is why Christ died for us.  God and I are always going back and forth with that conversation.  I am not afraid to tell you my truth!  What you may say about me and how I process me is less more important to me.  My sanity is number one.  I just think you should know.  I believe that my experience can help someone to help themselves.  Think about that.  And by the way seriously!  Get the help you need from wherever it is needed.  Be careful with whom you share your stuff.  And when you have healed from that stuff.  Help someone else to free themselves from their stuff.  Be blessed y’all.  I love you.  Because I understand that when you know better you’ll do better.  I’ve done it myself.  Peace & Love

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