The Life of a Single Mom wanting to Date.

Steps to sex, dating and the single mom.

1. Only date when healthy-don’t let your emotions drive you in relationships or with raising kids. Get clarity on all aspects of life. Don’t invite comfort in when you really need peace and enrichment in life.

2.  Set boundaries early-respect yourself always and expect respect from all. This is your space keep it positive.

3.  Proceed with caution-diving into the deep end is dangerous and taking kids is even more dangerous. Take time to know for sure what it is and who it is God has for you.

4.  Don’t ignore the red flags-look at potentials actions on cold days, rainy days, snowy days just as you do on sunny days. Pay attention when someone shows you the real them.

5. Don’t be ruled by emotions-Emotions will lead you astray, clear your thoughts, speak with God and sit back to be guided into the life God created for you to have.

6.  When god speaks, respond-the holy spirit was left with us to help us walk this life and that means all aspects including choosing a mate. Listen to it.

7.  Choose someone who walks with the Lord-always have a relationship with God first then you will be able to hear and discern who is for you and your kids.

8.  Finding a godly man is about being a godly woman-Take your time, listen to your intuition.

Some of the information derived by Jennifer Maggio

Reworded by LaTonya Falls

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