Everyone reads their own story. Your entire life can be based off that whole premise. But can we handle the reality of who we are? Stop cringing, at your future, at your failure, at yourself in the mirror. Stand up and look directly at who you are. Not who you should’ve been or what you should’ve done. But admire who you are now. Let that person in. Allow yourself to be mediocre, wrong, shameful, melancholy, miserable, but brilliant and as hilarious as you want to be, because you know exactly what you need to feel good. You have such great plans for yourself.  You crave to yourself what comes next. Give yourself a glimpse into the future your dreading or afraid of and tell yourself I will get there by any means possible. 

My biggest flaw is essentially I believe and want magic. I need life to feel important. I desire purpose and danger. I want love and hate. I want something bigger than my existence. A movie like melodramatic life. Kisses that bring back the dead. Wars that decimate the ruling class. Prophecies. Greek Gods. Or even immorality. Mid-evil Epic battles to be fought, royal scandals to be written and published about, human rights protests. It can all be comic and tragic, but exhibits both the very worst of human nature. These are my tiny pieces of the past I can still feel.

Some context: have you ever been to a museum of ancient artifacts and observed weapons someone at some point in history used to wield to fight for a nation that no longer exists? Or perhaps looking up at a statue of someone who’s been deceased for centuries. Consuming food prepared by ancient recipes. Isn’t it amazing? Planet earth ages and evolves while I stand in a ruin acknowledging that it was once a city or a building real humans lived in, walked in and possibly slept in. Some past folks have even become local folklore. I will only see life through my own eyes. There’s over 8 billion other perspectives and visions I will never be able to have or experience. 8 billion stories I won’t come to fully know ever. We get such a minuscule slice of life exploration. Pass by strangers daily that are not aware of us. That will never know what we are going through, thinking or feeling. However, There’s comfort in knowing there are many versions of you in the universe, simply because reality pales in comparison. 


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