The Obsession with Oversharing

Giving people more access to you than they have earned is a cry for help.


Giving people more access to you than they have earned is a cry for help.

 often speak of how so many people consistently ignore their intuition, and how this can set us up for unnecessary pain and stress. The irony is that the social media age encouraged us to also consistently share thoughts, experiences, and even photographs and videos which (in the past) we would’ve never shared publicly, with the world. The very thought of likes and shares has entirely warped our perception of propriety and discarded any discretion. We control how much of ourselves and our lives we share with others, and many of us have chosen to share just about anything and everything.

But why? Why is it easier to share personal information with the world than to look within, ask yourself the hard questions, and listen for the answers? Because external validation is quicker than self-acceptance and true healing. As humans, we like quick and easy. But the reality is that there’s nothing easy about having to feed this addiction to other people’s approval day in and day out. This requires doing more, sharing more, and even crossing more and more of your personal boundaries. So if you have a tendency to share things online that were best shared in a diary, with a close friend, or not at all, please ask yourself: How much attention will be enough to fill the void?

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