The Onion

Pain is like an onion, it stinks, it burns, and it makes us cry. But we have to peel off the layers, one day at a time in order to heal.

When your heart hurts, the pain stinks and there is no pain like a hurting heart. It makes you cry endlessly, say words you wouldn’t normally use, act out of character. Being hurt makes you, sometimes, want to hurt the person that hurt you. An eye for an eye, right? That’s called revenge. 

A hurting heart is truly like an onion. To the naked eye, it looks perfect, like it has no pain and sorrow. But, when you cut an onion, it does not show it’s true self at first. You have to peel off layer after, layer until you get to the real problem. The funk of the pain, the smell. As much as that pain stinks, each day you deal with peeling off a layer of that pain, that smell, the smaller and smaller the pain gets. The smaller in size is the onion. The onion is so small after you peel all the layers, that that tiny piece left is really of no use to you. The same as your pain. As you put in the time and effort of healing your pain, it slowly goes away. But it’s the process you must go through. Those steps we don’t want to take at first. 

We all have to start somewhere.


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