The Pain of Denial

Denial is a dangerous drug. It snuffs out the truth and blocks love. It makes one believe that all is okay. Even when their life is in disarray. Vices gripping them day by day. Negative attitude sprinkling the words they say. But, “Nothing is wrong, I’m feeling great!” Denial comes with a tendency to debate. Blaming others for one’s personal fate. Wanting love, but breathing hate. Longing to connect, but can’t relate. Only creating bonds that frustrate. Rejecting painful truth is a mistake. Healing only arrives when we release lies. Afraid of the pain, but purpose is the prize. Many never reach their purpose, it hides. Just outta reach. What you don’t learn, you can’t teach. Denial has solidified the growth in concrete. Broken identity causes one to compete. Wanting to be the best, but rejecting the soul’s work and finding no rest. Regular conversations become contests. Putting others down because of feeling less. Suffering in silence. Often on the defense. Refusing to repent. Creating relational distance, that never gets mended. Limited understanding, and quickly offended. All while believing your life experience is splendid. Denial, the self inflicted trial. Like numbing cream on low self esteem. Cover the hurt and let smiles hide the mean. Resisting the truth of needing to be redeemed. Resorting to useless get-well schemes. Lowering your King’s esteem. Turning your children away from the team. Denial makes all things vile. Allow truth to remove the veil. Sure it hurts at first, but healing will prevail. This drug acts just like a jail, but true understanding will post your bail. Remove your feet from the path that leads to hell.

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