"When you bridge the gap between desire and deserve, then you'll reach the right destination."

A Turning Point In the Journey

I would guess that you have not been born with a silver spoon in your mouth. Perhaps you come from comfort but not wealth. Or even if you come from a wealthy family, you still have to find your own path to success…

Or the palace.

It’s possible that you feel a little empty…even lost. How do you get to the palace? And by palace, I mean the place of success as you determine what success is. You watch people go from nothing to something. The world has suffered tremendously for most of this year but some people seem unbothered and untouched by COVID-19. How is that? How do some people thrive while others merely go day to day trying to cope and survive?

Where is your starting point?

How do you get to the palace? When the weight of life has piled more nonsense on top of you and your strength to keep pushing through is diminishing, how do you proceed forward?

Are you exhausted? Have you tried another gimmick that has taught you the same life lesson? The lesson that no matter what you try, no matter how much money you spend on advice, no matter how much time, effort and energy in trying to make lemonade out of lemons, life remains the same. So you feel destined to more of what life has already brought you.

Is this the starting point that life seems to keep you at?

I understand the exhaustion of going in circles. There’s job loss. There’s possible eviction. You’re at the mercy of others. Right?

Not necessarily!

We are all starting somewhere. It might even be at the beginning of the same circle. But you can still change your destination. You can see all your flaws and faults and failures and say that you are doomed or you can start seeing your way out. Your way out of destructive patterns. Your way out of poverty. Your way out of other people’s shadows. Your way out of being at the mercy of another. Your way out of another wrong relationship.

Where do you want to be?

I began visualizing my destiny a few years ago. I was recovering from a concussion. The circle I found myself in was living with (off of) someone else. I had no income and no home and under a few hundred dollars of government assistance coming in each month. I was working three jobs at the time of the accident to make sure I would never get to this place again. But here I was in it.

What same circle do you find yourself in? Is your mind stuck in the belief that you can’t change the outcome? Are your past references mostly of defeat? If so, visualization is a good, healthy way to stop thinking about the past and focus on the future you desire and deserve. It’s not to ignore your present reality but to avoid being the same person or in the same predicament moving forward. So you can start planning your route to the palace. To give you a hope that helps you look forward to tomorrow. To adopt a millionaire mindset where if you lose it all today you have the tools to make it right back.

Determination over defeat.

As I faced the seriousness of the concussion and how it seemed to be altering my life, I decided that I didn’t want to stay there. I told myself I had no other choice than to be aggressive as I took part in my healing and recovery. I wasn’t going to stay “stuck” in this place and space of time. I was going to push myself forward. I was going to drive myself towards the vision I saw for myself. The vision of being healed, back at work and with a home of my own.

You aren’t stuck. No matter what your circumstance or situation or crises looks like in this moment, you have a future destination to reach.

Feel the determination, not the defeat.

Give your future your vision. See yourself in the success. I saw myself completely recovered and enjoying more than I did before the accident. I saw myself with an abundance of income. I saw myself decorating my home with rare finds.

The journey there.

You could be in a pit right now. Or it could seem more like a dungeon. Whatever it looks like and whatever you choose to call the place and position you are in right now, I want you to see it as temporary. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in this place for a day, a month, a year or twenty years…the place before the palace is temporary.

You get a say-so in where you wind up. You will not be able to control everything that happens on your journey to the palace but you do have a choice as to how you react to what happens and how aggressively you reach your destination through your determination.

Right now isn’t all there is.

Can you now see where you are going? I know it is easy to see where you are but when you allow your mind to see where you want to be and believe that you not only will get there, but you actually deserve to be there, you will begin shifting to the right destination.

Visualizing where you desire and deserve to be does not pull you out of reality but it shifts you towards a different future place and position. Saying you’re stuck will lead you to behavior that keeps you stuck. Do you think Oprah saw herself as a reject or a billionaire? She didn’t get to her palace by accepting labels due to her circumstance, situation or crises. It wasn’t her staying stuck in a moment and focusing on her “right now” situation that led her to her palace. When she was being molested as a girl she didn’t give up and carry that moment into every other moment because it would not have gotten her to her wins. Yes, she probably did remember, often, what had been done to her but that wasn’t where she stayed. Not in the mindset of what she was worth to someone else or the labels that someone else gave her but in who she saw herself being and where she saw herself being. She saw her worth beyond what someone had done to her. And she lived up to that as she grew into her greater authentic self. She was determined to move from the reality she was facing to the future she was visualizing.

Draw out the blueprint of your palace.

Somebody won’t accept you into their rental property. Somebody won’t give you the job you want. Somebody won’t love you the way you deserve to be loved. Somebody won’t…

It doesn’t matter what others won’t do, what will you do for yourself. Your mind’s eye needs direction and you need to know where you are leading it to.

Anything is possible. We all have different dreams and goals because we are all different. We will “arrive” at different palaces and we will win and succeed differently. What is of value to me could be different from what is valuable to you. Where I see myself being in twelve months or even twenty years could be different from where you see yourself. What matters is not that we will more than likely wind up in different palaces but that we see the vision and drive our lives towards the palace that we determine is right for us individually.

You don’t have to be an artist to create a blueprint and map out the life you see for yourself in the future. But please be creative. Be descriptive. Be self-assured. Be confident and bold. These are some of the important things in the matter.

You have the strongest say so.

What does your blueprint look like? Use this step to help you move from the place before the palace. Drive your mind to winning. See the things you want to have in your life. Describe the people you want in your life. What restaurant will you be sitting at twelve months from now and what specifically will you be wearing and eating. And who will you be dining with? What about twenty years from now?

Life is what it is. And even with that being said, your palace awaits. The palace itself may seem so unrealistic and out of reach. But for the sake of your future self, go ahead and imagine the possibility of it. And begin building your life for what it will be.


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