The Power of Consistency

The Power of Consistency

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” –Tim Notke


One of the most important ingredients to success is being consistent. What does it mean to be consistent? Consistency means steadfast adherence to the same principles, form, course, etc.


Consistency is vital for all aspects of life; fitness, career, relationships, growth, etc. Some people are so talented, yet not consistent causing them not to succeed. And vice versa; others are very hard-working/consistent and not as naturally talented, yet succeed due to their work ethic.


Consistency is one of the most powerful, yet often neglected aspects of achievement. Consistency can virtually bring you anything you want in life. It can bring you riches, fame, health, strength, strong relationships, etc. Without consistency, nothing can be accomplished in the universe.


Too many people start and stop something too often, which is why they fail. How many people do you know that have a new years resolution of getting fit, going to the gym, and being healthy? They may stick to their resolution for a week (maybe a month), then stop, causing them never to see any results. Or maybe they start then stop, and start again, causing them also never to see any results.


Consistency will allow the power of the compound effect to take total action. The compound effect states that you will earn huge long-term rewards due to small consistent actions taken every single day.

How do we even start being consistent? Everything starts with your thoughts. If you consistently harness certain thoughts, ideas, and images, this will cause you to take action. The main ingredient is to focus your mental energy on things that you will reap the most awards from, or are most important to you. Too many people have too many scattered thoughts, and never fully focus on anything, which is also why they fail.


Once you have a vision for your goals, write them down and look at those written goals 1-3 times per day. This will fuel your motivation to take the necessary steps to achieve them. Be consistent with looking at your goals, taking the small necessary steps daily, and success will follow. If you have a goal that you find yourself never taking any action towards, there is probably no passion behind it, so just eliminate it.


Mentally visualize yourself as if you have accomplished your goals. See it, feel it, live it. With repetition, you will have trained your brain that it is possible to accomplish what you want. Keep in mind that everything is brainpower.


Learn to train your brain to see that everything is possible, and you will start to take action towards your goals. To get even closer to your goals, get a mentor who has accomplished your desired outcome, and take direction from him/her.

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