The Power in Breathing

There is power in breathing. It’s a silent roar that strengthens us with every release. Terry McMillian’s book and movie, “Waiting to Exhale” became a staple in our homes. It was the soundtrack of regaining power, and a new freedom to no longer hold in hurt, depression, abuse, and whatever suffocated us or stifles us from being our true, authentic self.

Often times, we spend so much time helping others see themselves that we forget to examine ourselves. We become bits and pieces of potential, scattered among our daily responsibilities. In my case, while I was keeping heartwork trending in other people’s lives (my clients, my job, my family, etc.), I didn’t realize that I was no longer breathing. I was panting, gasping for breaths, substituting temporary things and people to replace the energy that I had given to resuscitate others.

See, breathing is intentional. It requires you to be present, to be silent, to listen…to focus on yourself (yep, be selfish).  With every breath, you intensify your existence,  you restore your wholeness, and find your rhythm that gets remixed in the world’s tracks of life.

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