The Power of Words

If you can remember, affirmations became a big deal in the 80s.  We were encouraged to stick a note saying, for example, ‘You are beautiful,’ on your bathroom mirror and, despite it being a bit questionable if anyone else saw it, it would change how you felt.  Affirmations have moved on since then, though.  The change is subtle.  The affirmations that work are the ones you can believe.  So, ‘I am beautiful’ won’t work for everyone, but ‘I am learning to see my beauty from within’ may.  I would encourage you to use affirmations, find one you can really believe in and repeat it to yourself every day, or write it down somewhere you will see it regularly.  An alternative to affirmations is reading and repeating positive quotes from great thinkers.  These can be truly inspirational and can change the way you think and feel.  You might think some of these quotes are super cheesy, and that is fine.  Just keep looking until you find one that resonates with you.  When you find a quote that means something to you, write it on a post-it and stick it on your mirror, your keyboard at your desk, even on your computer screen saver.  Share them, too; when I visit my friends and family, I leave words of affirmations in the most random places, such as under the pillow or in the bathroom cabinet, so my friends will find them when I have left.  I adopted a trick from Sophia Amoruso, the author of #Girlboss: to change my password to an affirmation.  I chose:  GraceIsQueen!  Now every time I put in my password, I smile.

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