The Praise of Man is a Snare

As I scrolled through YouTube, I saw a reel bashing activists, congressmen, and others using the death of a young black man to further their agenda. I agree. I was grieved in my spirit when I first noticed that they would be speaking at his funeral because I understand there is a sinister spirit behind this. 

But the video that I watched was hypocritical in that the young black host was saying that it is time for Republicans to combat this hyperbole. In other words, he was justifying the foolishness that we see in politicians today. Willing to choose the “lesser evil”. 

If we can be truthful, many of these political leaders have an agenda. They only fight one another in public to keep the people distracted from what is going on behind the scenes. There is most likely less than 1% who truly care and are trying to make a difference. This is evidenced by their words and deeds, daily. The pitiful asinine, animalistic behaviors that we see every day confirm this. 

Take heed. Here is the warning. When evil people praise you while spewing hedonistic lies, and dangerous rhetoric, you should be fearful. 

As I read the comments, people were congratulating this man. But the underlying interpretation that the Spirit imparted to me is the real meaning of their accolades. “Good boy! I like you because you make me feel good about myself. Now I can blame others and continue to spread false narratives and spew hate because you have vindicated me”! 

Looking for a reason to justify evil. Speaking out of the abundance of what was in their hearts all along. 

One of the most stagnating reasons why many will not change or evolve is because people will coddle them. Excusing their behaviors. The willingly ignorant. While absolving the brutally wicked. 

Stop enabling sin. You stand in the way of spiritual deliverance. For those who are called. Lest you be found to fight against God Himself. 


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