My life has just felt like a big bunch of puzzle pieces, for all of my life. Highs and lows. But most things did not seem to come together or β€œfit” together. Marriage, business ventures, relationships, family dramas, religion, friendships nothing seemed to really feel cohesive to anything else. I yearned for a life that read like a novel at least to some degree; Instead of a collection of short stories.

Until I finally Got It!

I am not a counselor that has only read a lot of books on the various topics that I write about or cover in my course, though I have read and researched extensively. I am a counselor that has to varying degrees experienced most of what I advise my clients on.

My life has been full of experiences, an action packed, best seller. I am finally realizing why I was allowed to see and understand so many variations of this journey called LIFE.

It was for the people I would help.

Remember your journey may not be for you it may be for someone else. Put the work in to elevate yourself so that you can help to elevate others.

In hindsight would I say that it was/ is worth it?

YES…every moment of it.πŸ’•

Laughter, Love, Light


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