The Rebuild: How to Maintain Strength in our Seasons of “Weakness”

This blog post introduces a situation I have personally dealt with regarding a physical injury and how this moment has transformed my perspective in various aspect of life trials faced.
Months ago, I secretly sustained an injury in my left arm that compromised my strength and ability to maintain my routines.  Even 40 pounds was a struggle for a while.⁣
This picture represents the moment of realized restoration. In strength, in mindset, and in consistency. Throughout this lengthy process, I leaned into several insights that now guide other parts of my life through trials and transitions.⁣
1. It demonstrates true strength to acknowledge our areas of weakness instead of hiding them. There is no shame in the setback. It only increases the impact and purpose of the comeback.⁣
2. Forcing your way through a necessary season can intensify damage and pain instead of alleviate it. Sometimes, modification of lifestyle precedes the manifestation of progress. Don’t force the movement…flow in the moment.⁣
3. Narratives will distract your focus, but they do not determine your fate. Silence the noise around you and awaken the voice within you to receive direction and clarity. Let them talk. What they will see eventually will overshadow the disparaging words they may say.⁣
Life will break us down at times. Regardless, know that we have everything we need to rebuild the foundation. ⁣
One block at a time. One day at a time. Keep going and reach out to someone if you ever feel you are in the need of support. Regardless if that is through a mymentor session or leaning into your network, get what you need to feel encouraged and empowered to restore.
Happy Monday!

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