The Roadmap of Life: Can You See Where You’re Headed?

I wrote this post to inspire those that may need help navigating through life. A vision for your life will help you, as it serves as a roadmap. Along with writing down your vision, you're simultaneously writing out your goals.

“Life is a series of problems that needs to be worked through.” -Unknown



         Can you see where you’re headed? Do you have a clearcut vision(roadmap) of how you would like life to playout for you? Perhaps you’ve started the process of laying the foundational work to begin to live life on your terms, but want more? In order to maximize this life, I’m certain we must have a vison in place to guide us. The good book tells us to write the vison and make it plain. On the other hand, it also says without a vision the people perish. We have all been guilty of thinking we can remember our goals and what we set out to accomplish, but how quickly do we forget?  When we begin to write our vision for our life that’s the anchor to keep us on the road to success. It gives us something to look forward to in spite of. 

Life will always be full of ups and downs. Family members pass away, friends you thought would be there are no longer, kids misbehaving in school, you may become ill, job may have let you go, relationships fail, or you’re not loving what you do and want a new career. These are life’s roadblocks. Amongst all things, these are the type of setbacks that makes people feel like they can’t do life anymore and they have no meaning. Even more so; send you into a season of depression you may have a time getting out of. Whatever it may be, make sure that you have that roadmap handy to navigate life. 

Fog on the Road

Have you ever been driving on a foggy road and couldn’t, see? Well, that’s how life feels without a plan. It’s hard to see past a roadblock life throws at you if you don’t have any goals set. Likewise, its hard and extremely dangerous to be driving 50mph when you can’t see in front of you. That’s a crash waiting to happen. In life, sometimes you have to pull back and turn your hazard lights on this will help to avoid crashing out and letting life have its way with you.  

The mind is forgetful so begin to write down a plan of action to keep you on track. Don’t wait till the fog hits and you can’t see. If you’re proactive about life you’ll stop tripping over the small stuff. Jim Rohn puts it this way “Don’t major in the minor”. Meaning when trials come along and you seem to get flustered, revert to the roadmap(vision) don’t get down and defeated. That’s why you should never rely on memory alone. You have to visualize what you say you were going to accomplish. Simply put, it serves as a reminder just as a car has a check engine light so does the road to success when obstacles come. Things that happen in life will cause you to reevaluate, but get back on the road and drive. Don’t get stuck, if you do, I’ve learned to just call roadside assistance (God). He will never leave you in time of need. I’m living proof. 


Key Takeaways

·      Your vision is a roadmap for life.

·      Don’t rely on your memory alone.

·      Plan ahead as it will help you from having mental breakdowns.



Spend some time writing out the vision for your life. What does that look like for you? (1,3,5,10years)

Break it down into practical steps. Think big and small picture. (Short and long term). 

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