The Significance of Spiritual Maturity

Spiritual growth is not a luxury but a necessity especially while living in times of uncertainty.

While spiritual maturity has always been of importance, many didn’t realize the significance of it until the church doors were closed. The recent COVID 19 pandemic has forced the churches to close their doors. While many churches are streaming online as a result of our new reality, some will be forced to close. This is why it is critical that we develop spiritual maturity independent of the church building.  While it is beautiful to congregate with one another to fellowship and worship on Sunday morning; we have been forced to evolve and invite God into our homes. Before we can invite God into our homes we must invite him into our hearts.

Once God has been welcomed into our hearts we can have church anywhere. Worship isn’t confined to the church building and teaching isn’t reserved for the school building. Once we decide that we will focus on our own spiritual growth instead of relying on the pastor to feed our souls that is half of the battle. Once we do our part God will do his. Our faith is strengthened because we know that God is faithful. As we continue to commune with God through reading the Word of God, meditating, praying singing, and fasting our faith muscle becomes stronger. Spiritual maturity requires a personal relationship. The requirements of the relationship are commitment, consistency, discipline, honesty, and communication. 

Spiritual maturity doesn’t happen overnight it requires time. It is not a sprint but a marathon. If you are not utilizing your faith muscle it will be weakened. Commit to communing with God in some form daily. Spiritual maturity is not a fad or a trend but it is a lifestyle. You cannot continue doing the same thing and expect different results. This lifestyle requires a shift in both conduct and character. There is no better time than now to welcome God into your hearts and your homes for a relationship that will never end as long as you are a willing participant. 

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