The Single Life: Absurd Misconceptions

A common icebreaker question when attempting to get to know someone is “Why are you single?” I have realized that people ask this question as a way to figure out how they can judge you based off your past. There are many negative things society has placed on someone who is unmarried and today I want to highlight a few myths about the single life. 


1. Singles don’t travel because they have no one to travel with

2. Singles hate to see happy couples

3. They’re single because they are too picky

4. Singles don’t understand family life

5. Single because they are damaged goods.


Those are just a few absurd things I came across during my research. I won’t specifically go in depth with my critiques of these misconceptions, but I will say that I have accomplished many things while in my season of singleness. If you are feeling unhappy with your single status I encourage you to make a list of all the things you have accomplished during this time.  From the smallest thing like giving up eating candy to the largest thing like giving up smoking.  Use that list as a constant reminder that you are enough.   The main point I want to get across is BEING SINGLE IS NOT A DEFICIT…ITS DEVELOPMENT!!  

If you want to hear my more in-depth explanation on this topic you can check out my podcast “Gigi’s Gospel” available where you listen to your favorite podcasts.  Or contact me on social media platforms @gigijonesthewriter.

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