The Taboo Phrase: Being Submissive

So often people confuse the phrase, “being submissive.” It is usually thought of as a woman always on her knees following her man’s commands. However, it really boils down to using common sense. Remember, when your parents told you to obey your elders. Well, they also talked to you about strangers and how not to listen to those who cannot be trusted. The same thing applies here. You submit to your husband. This is something done in marriage and hopefully you marry a man who can be trusted to not abuse his leadership.


A man who leads will not abuse his leadership powers to belittle or devalue you. A great leader utilizes his team and pulls out their partner’s strengths. Yes, I said partner, because a great team works together not in competition. So if you are not married, but you are in courtship with possibly “the one,” make sure he exhibits these fine qualities here:






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