The Three Spiritual Phases of Growth

 David went through three distinct phases.

 Phase 1: Doubt and Knowing but not knowing.

 He was anointed king over Israel but waited years while enduring persecution and painful trials. Fearing for his life at times. Even though he was consecrated as king in his youth. The promise did not manifest for ages. This discouragement led to frustration, but God kept him.

Phase 2: The realization.
After seeing the LORD bless David with those who were willing to serve him. To ensure that God’s promises for his life came to pass. Men came to give their time and support to build his palace. Then, David “understood” that the LORD had established and confirmed him as king.¬†After every trial that the LORD had delivered David from up to this point, this is when he finally attained awareness of God’s favor.
Phase 3: Accepting His Grace and Favor.
It is hard when we know our past. Our weaknesses and the sins that we have committed. We don’t understand or comprehend how a perfect God could ever love us. We can’t because, for the most part, we don’t love ourselves.

What I perceived of this is that David had realized that although he didn’t feel worthy at times, he would trust that his loving Father wanted to bless him. Be fully aware that God will fulfill His promises no matter how long it takes. And even more importantly, it is up to us to accept them.

When it is from God you can do this with confidence. Always knowing that there is no darkness in Him. No underlying motives. That it is because He loves you and wants to see you happy. The LORD wants to bless you.

A part of healing is to know that if God, your significant other, or anyone that truly loves you is willing to give and pour into you, you are to accept it with meekness and the willingness to reciprocate this same love in return. This is having faith!

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