The Time Is NOW!

We're in a season where we can't handle distractions. THE TIME IS NOW!

Have you ever felt like you didn’t know what do to next? Like, you were uncertain on the direction or path that you should be taking? I’m sure you have and I definitely understand how that feels. In order to move forward with the next thing in life we have to make sure we are attentive to our maker. You may ask, what does that mean? Who is my maker? Well, IF you’re a believer in Christ you know without a doubt that God is your maker and in order to find our divine purpose we have to be solely connected to Him. How do I become connected to Him? I’m glad you asked. It takes time and dedication to being totally in “his face” daily in order to clearly hear His plans for your life. I believe you’re in a season where you can’t handle distractions and in order to hear His voice clearly on how you need to move in this next dimension you have to remove the distractions. Now, if you’re wondering what you’re distractions are that’s something I would encourage you to figure out because for everyone that can be a variety of things. Our distractions are tailored towards who we are as individuals. So, today start setting a specific time aside EVERYDAY to spend time with the maker, identify your distractions and remove them. Next, start making the necessary steps to go after what your divine purpose has intended for you to have. THE TIME IS NOW! 

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