The True Meaning Of Diet

So they say that it’s 10% exercise and 90% diet. That word…diet. See theres a reason why I say The Mind and Drive are the first two steps before you start your diet and workout. Because without them two, you could never have a consistent strict diet. You think all you got to do is workout and your dream body will appear ? think again. It’s always more important on what you put in your body than what you do out. Men are you putting the right fuels in your body for your testosterone levels to be balanced ? Ladies, are you eating the right foods that raises your divine feminine energy ? I think it’s the word “diet” that stops people from taking care of them selves the right way internally. We look at the word diet as something that you uncomfortably have to do. Because to most people, diet equals healthy foods. Not realizing that not all healthy foods are good for your diet to reach your goal. But what if I told you that you can enjoy your diets without it feeling like its a choir. Diet doesn’t always mean eating “healthy” foods. It’s eating the “right” type of foods. And when you start doing that, you’ll be amazed on how dramatically your body will change. 

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