The UN-Chosen Path That Can Kick Start New Beginnings 


  Keeping a six feet distance may become the new normal. Businesses that were forced to close down to prevent the spreading of Covid -19, had to turn to alternatives to stay in business. 60+ days have passed. Customers and business owners are both losing their minds. As a business owner, customers are still number one priority. There were systems set in place to continue successful productivity.

Through all the madness, it is safe to say we have been granted free time. For most of us free time is hard to find. Free time has made some people very bored. Being bored for some people can force them to get in touch with their creative side. Social media has influenced so many creative ideas and challenges. Artist were able to video chat with their fans. Families were able to engage with their children. And teachers found new ways to teach a class from online! Quarantine has led to a new pandemic I am looking forward to. 


There is a lot of excitement when new adventures present themselves. Many Americans started making homemade mask. Selling mask became a small source of income. Many families donated mask and it was a great contribution. History has been created. The Corona Virus has turned things around for so many people. It is sad Loved ones have left us. Memories will forever hold a place in our hearts. So many questions are left unanswered. We want to point blame but the best thing to do is push forward. I pray we never have to experience such a tragedy again. I hope people become more prepared with life. We become so wrapped up in everyday lives, that we are not focused on the important things. Things that actually matter! We lose sight of the true meaning of love and life. Love and life are the perfect duo on the path to happiness. And the path to happiness never ends!

















































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