The Vi-Brainium Boot Camp

A brief explanation of what is mental fitness, and how it impacts our lives positively and negatively. Tips to improve dexterity, and mental health.

Presenting – The ViBrainium Boot Camp – upgrading to the new you.


It all starts with the mental.


Mental fitness  is a term that is rarely heard by the common ear,  many use the terminology in the military, even  athletes are familiar with this area of health and wellness.


Not the case for us common folk,


unfortunately!  We are well aware of our physical fitness from diets, exercises, conditioning and training the body. We neglect the places and resources that give the brain that daily workout it needs. 


As we get older, we often accept forgetting things. Giving all the credit to aging and a wearing down brain.  Innocent as it may be, this thought process maybe hindering you from gathering new information willingly.


Mental fitness is the training utilized to be in the best shape emotionally,

mentally, and physically.

“If every game is 90% mental and 10% physical, why would life be any different?


In life things are constantly changing. You must be able to adapt and make decisions swiftly with efficiency. The older you get, the tougher the decisions. Plans are not always executed as expected. 


Staying sharp, being able to think on your toes, and making significant decisions with haste is the mark of confidence.¬† Hesitation means you’re unsure of yourself.¬† Your mental fitness will build confidence, discipline, integrity, self love, high levels of positivity and mental fluidity for starters.¬†


Top 3 things that are effected by your mental fitness


Finances –¬† with low integrity, confidence, and discipline financial issues are inevitable.¬† Most people with money struggles have issues with time, health, sleep, relationships, and family.


Troubles finding success, and  inconsistently uphold integrity .  Common indicators are over budgeting or spending too much, not sure how much you spend monthly, and uncertain of how much you can save monthly. 


Working too much and resting very little, this leads to health problems which ties into the number 2.


Physical Well-being Рa diminished state of mental fitness will cause you to be very mild with discipline.  You will not be hard on yourself, or self motivate correctly.


Mental Fitness – The condition the mindset is in at the time of achieving a goal.¬† It keeps you disciplined, focused, and accountable.¬† It provides the will and determination to accomplish milestones on life. A low mental fitness level¬† causes high failure rates. Heres why…


  If you are not disciplined enough to do something as simple as stop eating the cookies after you have had a sufficient amount of them. More than likely your financial & physical disciplines will have scarcity. Your mental fitness being in the best shape as possible will create more highlight reels than bloopers.  Boost your mental fitness daily and get closer to the success you expect.


How to boost mental fitness


1. Read new things daily (things you don’t normally read, but are interested in.)


2. Exercise everyday for 30 -60 minutes


3.Provide yourself with enough rest to repeat the process the next day with ease and no reluctance.

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