The will to life

We, as human, have the will to live from the time we were a spermatozoa. We made it to be a fetus. At times the woman bearing us does not want us. Other times, she has love for us. Sometimes, she despises us dearly to the point of hating the fact that she has the ability to bear a child. Or, she simply has no emotion towards us. Through all this, we made it out as a baby for we have chosen life and to live. Even when we do not know and/or understand love; we have chosen to live because we are love. The first name we carry as human is Love. God Almighty , the Creator of all things has created us out of love. Some angels have gotten so jealous of the love we receive from the Creator that they’ve betrayed their origin, created a rebellion to prove that Angels in the sky deserve the Love that God gives us the best. 

So please, dear brothers, dear sisters, live. Choose to live, become love every day of your life for you are loved and “LOVE”.



France Feh

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