The Woman In The Mirror

As a woman, we wear many hats. A lot of us are wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, etc. We accept everything that society throws at us. We try so hard to be what everybody wants us to be. We adopt identities that do not belong to us. Yet we love selflessly. Look at the woman in the mirror…Who are you? Why are you here? What is your purpose? Why do you even care to exist? You exist because you are wanted and you are loved. You are you because God created you in his own likeness. To be different. To change the world. You are here because God planted a seed inside of you that will birth your purpose. A purpose that is like no other. A purpose that is only for you. A purpose that no one else can fulfill because God gave it to you. You look back over your life and you see pain, hurt, and mistakes but if you just take a look in the mirror, you will see strength, learned lessons, love, beauty. Embrace you. Respect you. Acknowledge you. Mirrors show you what you look like, not who you are…Look in the mirror and notice that the only competition you have is the person starring back at you.

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