The Words Will Flow ❤️

Comparison is the thief of all joy! I know you’ve heard that time and time again. It is very true. I don’t know who this is for but God said stop comparing your life to others and run your own race.! I to was one who compared others progress to myself. I wanted to be further in life than I was, not appreciating the season I was in. I would puzzle my brain with ideas of things I could do to become RICH. Overlooking the fact that I already had everything I needed to become WEALTHY! Let me just say, everyone doesn’t want to be a business owner. Everyone doesn’t want to do stock. Everyone doesn’t want to be in real estate. Some of us only want to live out our purpose and be happy. Social media can be so depressing. I remember days I would scroll social media and wonder why I wasn’t catching flights every other week. I use to wonder why I didn’t have a designer bag. I soon realized that while I’m comparing my life to others, I was not only bringing myself down mentally, I wasn’t being appreciative of what I was already blessed with. You never know what a person had/has to endure to get the things that they have. Always remember everything that glitters ain’t gold. 

As I reflect over this year, I thank God for giving me wisdom. I didn’t realize that when I was going through the storm, he was preparing me for my destiny. I know a lot of you may look at me and think I have it all together, truth be told I don’t. I counted myself out this year. I went through things that I didn’t think I would live through. I have fought through medical issues. I have fought through depression and anxiety. I have been at rock bottom. I didn’t work for 9months. I sold my dream truck back to the dealership. I wanted to end my life. I cried every day for 9 months straight. Most days I stayed in my bed because I was afraid to face the world. I would reach out to people but their advice would always fail. God showed me that he was all I needed to get through any storm. I had given up on my self. God hadn’t given up on me, even when I questioned him. God gave me the strength to do for others what I couldn’t do for myself. He allowed me to give in places that I needed myself. God told me to help others although I was going through a storm. Even when it was hard to believe, I kept believing. God is faithful. I realized that my storm wasn’t for me. My storm was for others. Sometimes God will put you in a storm to show his glory in your life. God will use your storm to expose those that shouldn’t continue to stay in your life. Always remember to keep fighting, even when it’s hard! God will place the right people in your life and I am so thankful for those in my life. God is faithful! He will give you back everything you lost plus more. I am not only back working but I am walking in my purpose. I am walking in wisdom! 

I pray that who ever is reading this continues to fight. I pray that you will continue to have faith and believe that everything will work out for your good! Seek God in the most difficult times. He’s always with you, you’re never alone! 💕

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