The Year to Embrace, “Water Walking Faith”

It’s 2022! Yes, a year like no other! I entered this year thankful for having crossed over. As a nation the last two years have been rough. Losses devastating. Lives, Innocence, Mental Stability, Homes and Jobs all lost. Our education system has been ripped at its core, slowly unraveling and our children are suffering. In the midst of all of this grief and uncertainty, I am excited about the prospect of a new year. The chance to try again. Try something new. Go someplace new. Start a new job.  Meet new people.  You ask, “how do you try again?’  You start by exercising your faith. Peter did it in Matthew 14:24-31. In the midst of a storm (hurricane), Jesus walked on the water and regardless to how afraid the others on the ship were, Peter asked Jesus to send for him so he too could walk on water, and you know what Jesus did it…just like that! Despite the other disciples being fearful of drowning and Jesus reassuring them that it was “HE” and there was nothing to fear, they were still afraid because none of them got out of the ship and walked on the water with Peter. But Peter had faith, water walking faith! That’s what I’m embracing in 2022. The faith to believe the impossible. Faith to believe I cannot fail because every missed try is an opportunity to try again. Faith to believe as Lenny Kravitz would say, “it ain’t over till it’s over.” Faith to understand that everybody can’t go where God is taking me. Faith to look at this season of my life as my best season! I’m walking on water and I’m not gonna look down as Peter did in verse 30. I will keep my eyes focused forward, looking into my future and just in case my feet try to get wet from doubt and fear…I’M WEARING RAINBOOTS!  

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