Their Win is not Your Loss!

As in any relationship, with Co-parenting you want to celebrate with the other parent when they succeed at a goal. It is important that you can be genuinely happy for your co-parent when something good happens to them. Remember that good is also happening to your children. Whether it’s a new marriage, a new child, a new promotion at work or a new house, these are things that will also benefit your children. Along with being happy for them, never get joy from their misery. As co-parent we sometimes secretly bask in their sorrow, their failed marriage, failed business venture, them having difficulties engaging with the children or just their season of less than enough. All of these adversities affect the children too. Why would you wish failure on anyone, especially someone whose circumstances affect your children? Learn to celebrate their accomplishments because there is room for all of us to succeed, their win is not your loss!

-Miss Kris

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