There Is More

You can’t be finished. This can’t possibly be it. It doesn’t end here. That’s it? No more? This is the cap? Limit met? NO MORE LEARNING… GROWING… UNDERSTANDING???

Do the questions stop here? There’s nothing else? NO! THERE IS MORE! 

➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️ IT’S NOT OVER FOR YOU. YOU HAVE NOT REACHED A LIMIT.  YOU ARE NOT DONE. If you are reading this, you can’t be done because you are breathing… living; OR you might be dying because you think there is no more. There is so much more. More knowledge, more truth. MORE introduces us to grace. More will always show us what we are capable of and what our purpose is In any given situation. MORE activates the HOPE inside of us and launches us to audacity to believe there is MORE. There is more to know about that hurt, that pain, that anger…the doubt, the fear, the depression, the perfection, the lust and the desires. There is more. DO YOU KNOW THERE IS GRACE TO EMBRACE ALL THESE QUESTIONS AND MORE?? 🧷🧷🧷🧷🧷🧷

I’m sorry to tell you there is more. There is more to learn about justice and peace. There is more to learn about hate and chaos. There is more to learn about love and acceptance and freedom. I’m sorry to tell you this but, if you want to say “That’s it! I know all I need to know the way I need to know it; and whatever else I learn I will learn it through the lens I know! AND there is no possible way that what I know can expand in a way that’s so BIG I won’t be able to recognize it because I’m not even open to seeing it because I believe there is no more.” If you are going to say that, I will just respond and say, “THERE IS MORE.” More is constant because more is endless and more unveils paths of knowledge that transform us ( if we let it) so we press into the freedom that revolutionizes our understanding of life, love and God. WHICH inside of more is one in the same. There Is More. 

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