There Is No Message Without a Mess

"Sometimes it takes us to go into survival mode before we take responsibility for our own lives." ROBIN GK

I had insomnia last night. I laid in bed thinking about, well a lot of things. The injustices that we see in the world daily, and of course my own set problems. Side note: I’m not the girl who talks alot about my blessings. Although that’s going to change. Because I am so blessed. And even when I’m faced with adversity, change, heartache… I am still blessed. Back to the topic of all of our mess. I laid there last night thinking “God, what are you going to do with this mess?” Because I know he’s always painting a Beautiful Silver lining around the Darkest rain clouds. Even when we think that No Good Could Possibly come out of such a Mess! We find ourselves months later with a message from God from our mess, that’s says something like “I know you didn’t understand why. I know it hurt you to let go… But now look around you, and see how much happier you are that you went through that mess.” And now you’re on the other side of it looking back, thinking THANK GOD! Sometimes we see the Red Flags, but we keep trying to swim in the storm. We think we’re drowning when all we have to do is Stand Up. God sees how shallow the water is, and knows your brain is just too immature to understand your own ability to survive, so he hits you with a harder wave. Sometimes it takes us to go into survival mode before we take responsibility for our own lives. This includes our responsibility to take control over our future, our careers, our dreams, our PURPOSE. So God, Please Bless this Mess. Turn my mess/our mess into a Message. Because sometimes We know not what we do. In Jesus’ name. AMEN 🙏 Robin GK

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