Think, laugh, color ~ KEEP GOING!!!

A happy heart is good medicine and a joyful mind causes healing. Proverbs 17:22(a)

Here in the United States of America (US) we are about to “spring forward.” That means most of the states, except for Arizona, Hawaii and (2 of my favorite places) and the US Territories, will move their clocks up an hour to gain an extra hour of daylight. In essence we lose an hour yet we gain a new perspective and way of anticipating spring.

Spring brings changes and changes can sometimes be challenging, so I’d like to take a moment and share a few reminders with you:

1. Forgive yourself – it’s the first step to forgiving others.
2. Be gentle and kind to yourself and others. 
3. Know that there are genuine people in the world who really care. 
4. It’s okay to think outside the box. 
5. It’s okay to have a different perspective. 
6. Laugh often. 
7. Keep your head up.
8. It’s okay to color outside the lines. 
9. Keep your head up. 

Smiles across the miles laced with Blessings, Prayers and Love, 

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