Thinking About It

A reflection is a good tool for positive life change and growth but, only when it is used effectively. In this post, I break down some common terms and explain a good way to ensure you are getting the most out of your times of reflection.

Life is hard. Unexpected things happen, and sometimes those two factors team up and deliver devastation. Do you agree? If you disagree, good for you- you have, more than likely, already used what I call the observer’s perspective to navigate the trenches of personal growth. 

If you agree, I would like to introduce you to a concept I call The Observer’s Perspective. So, what is Observer’s Perspective? Well, let’s break it down. 

 An observer is someone who is there to witness the happenings/events but has no official involvement. Whatever they are observing doesn’t affect them directly. The outcome does not directly impact them. 

Now, let’s look at perspective. Perspective is a way of thinking and feeling about someone or something. Your perspective is reflected in your thoughts, feelings, and behavior. 

When we recall events that bring back feelings of great anxiety, pain, or sorrow, we are no longer involved in those events. It happened in the past so, it should not have the same effect at the time of recall. We are observing the events of the past in the present. Now we are at a different time than the time of the event, and we have the distance needed to be an observer. 

We can use the distance and the safety created by that distance to replay the events and see things play out from a view that allows us to take in more information. Since your thoughts and feelings about the event are covered, we can now explore the other characters’ possible perspectives. 

By stepping outside of yourself, you simultaneously heal and grow because you are no longer a victim. You are an active participant in the events that transpired, just like everyone else. With that realization comes power—the strength in realizing that you create your reality and create a better future. With that realization, you are prepared to forgive and move forward in life as a wiser person. 

Sometimes, harsh circumstances are a part of the journey. Know that those things are not to harm you. They are experiences meant to help you become more resilient, powerful, and aware of people or environments in your life that are not to your satisfaction. The power lies in personal growth. When you learn to reflect on events that caused you pain and learn the lessons as intended, you can move forward as a healthier individual without worrying about the past repeating itself. 

Excerpt from: Who Do You Love? A Guide on Self-Appreciation and Determining Value- Clarice Corinn

Need a little guidance on effectively using the Observer’s Perspective to accelerate your healing and growth? Book a session today!

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