"You Only Have ONE Life To Live."

Back in the day…my Mom, she loved her stories.  She really enjoyed Mrs. Chancellor, of The Young & The Restless.  Mommy could sometimes read lips.  Maybe all the time for all I knew!  But one particular day, Mommy was watching intently.  I saw her speak to herself utilizing sign language to say with conviction, included was a mighty divine expression!  “I’m gonna live, till I die.”  And with me being who I was at that time, peeping around the corner at her while she was saying so, (being nosey) was a little startled.  Cause sometimes if I could, I’d like to catch her watching her daytime shows because of that!  Pointing her finger at the screen.  Shaking her head.  But on that day she was serious about that I’m gonna live till I die.  Like she meant it for herself.  So I haul tailed around that corner to ask Mommy, what’s wrong.  Why are you saying that?  And she looked at me with this big old smile, utilizing sign language to say. 

Mrs. Chancellor said, “I’m gonna live till I die.” 

Mommy said, she was gonna too!  So, I never forgot that day.  Mommy also said,                    Mrs. Chancellor was her favorite character in that story.  Including Victor Newman.  Then she told me to get out of the room and to stop being so nosey.  We’d laugh together for a few seconds.  I’d go on about my business.  So in all that I learned from Mommy that day was, to live till I die with conviction!  Amen. And so I am.  Amen.        🙏🙏🙏 😇 ✌&❤ 

*This was before close captioning existed on television.  Or that        feature was not installed on our    television.*  Oh how nice it is to be so young!  And an amen to that!


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